Participant Web Portal and Plan Sponsor Web Portal

Automatic Census Upload is just one of many time saving benefits of Gemini Web Access.


You and your clients can exchange information with astonishing efficiency:

  • Avoid tedious manual entry! Implement the automated census collection feature to populate validated census data directly into ASC’s Valuation System
  • Provide online access to important plan related items such as administrative forms, valuation & compliance testing
  • Publish documents & SPD’s directly from ASC’s Document Generation & Management System for client access
  • Reduce time, paper and mailing expenses
  • Can be used in conjunction with ASC’s powerful CRM & Task Tracking systems, to keep track of year end processes

Create a highly professional web presentation for your clients with Gemini. Customizing colors, fonts and adding client logos is easy as well as tailoring menus to fit each plan. Portals are available regardless the recordkeeping method (i.e. daily, balance forward, outsourced).

Plan Sponsor sites can easily be customized by plan. Sponsors can conveniently access plan data, employee information and links to other important websites such as their plan’s investment platform. Sponsors can also upload payroll and census files as well as download any document you make available to them.

Advisor/Broker Access

Similar to the Plan Sponsor Site, you can provide your advisors with specific access to only their plans with a single logon ID.